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What is Sectionalism?

What is Sectionalism?

In this unit we will be studying the events leading up to the Civil War.  Just prior to the Civil War something called sectionalism began to develop.  Before the American Revolution and even after the war the people of the United States considered themselves to be statesmen first and Americans second.  For example, people in the state of South Carolina almost never called themselves Americans, they called themselves South Carolinians.  During the early 1800s people began to associate themselves with certain sections of the country.  The War of 1812 brought about a feeling of nationalism, strong intense feelings of loyalty to one's own nation, it was short lived.  Your job is to find out what sectionalism was really about.


Use these links to find out what sectionalism is and what caused it.  Hint: the Industrial Revolution had something to do with the development of sectionalism.


Click on the links and read to find the answers to the questions.  Please write on your own paper.


1. What is Sectionalism?


2. What is Sectionalism according to Wikipedia?  Feel free to explore the links associated with this page as they all relate to what we are learning about for the next few weeks.


3.  What are the names of the Sections of the United States under the idea of Sectionalism?  Describe the differences between each.


4.  Describe the Industrial Revolution?


5. Explain what the cotton gin did based on the following links? 

Animated Cotton Gin 

6.  When was the cotton gin patented?

Eli Whitney's Invention and Patent Issues

7.  Who bought the patent for the cotton gin?

8.  How do you believe the cotton gin impacted slavery?


The Power Loom? 

9.  What was the Power Loom and how did it work?

10.  How did it make its way to America? (explain)

The Spinning Jenny


11. What did the Spinning Jenny do?  Why was it important?

Samuel Slater

The First American Factories

12.  What did Samuel Slater do to help fuel the Industrial Revolution?


Big Question
13.  How did the Industrial Revolution help create Sectionalism?



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